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About Kate Pascale and Associates

What we do

Kate Pascale & Associates (KPA) specialises in supporting agencies to develop and embed person centred models of care.

Consulting. Workshops. e-Learning.

Our Director, Kate Pascale has 20 years experience working in, the health, human services, disability, aged care and community service sectors. After working in a range of settings as an Occupational Therapist, Kate began working on a range of quality improvement initiatives and went on to complete her Masters of Public Health. She now leads KPA where she and her team have created training programs, best practice guidelines, education tools and resources which are now being used to support best practice in a number of sectors. Kate’s expertise in person centred practice and proven success makes Kate a leading subject matter expert in this space.

KPA training

We are passionate about empowering people with the skills, knowledge and tools to ensure they are set up for success. With a team of qualified and experienced health professionals – we understand the complexity of the service system, the pressures that health and community organisations face and your staff’s commitment to delivering the best possible services to support the local community.  
Our key training areas include:
  • Inclusive, strengths based assessment
  • Goal setting and care planning
  • Consumer engagement and participation, including designing, delivering and utilising consumer consultation and feedback systems for diverse consumers
  • Planning and evaluation
  • Partnership design, development, facilitation and evaluation
  • Service accessibility, navigation, coordination and integrated service delivery.

Our content experts are supported by a specialist learning designer, eLearning specialist and programmer to create courses that are accessible and engaging. We know that everyone learns differently and have worked hard to design courses that are inclusive, relevant and interesting for everyone.  

We only deliver what we know!

Our trainers are all experienced professionals, with real world experience working in the field.

Information has to be practical

Information has limited value unless you know how to translate it into practice. Our training programs include many examples, practical activities and case studies to bring it to life.

Training is not an island

While training usually relates to working on a specific skill or area of practice, we recognise that in practice, you face a range of competing priorities and need to integrate your learning into the real context of a busy job and competing demands.


These online courses allow you to work at your own pace and fit in with your availability. This makes it easier for you and avoids large portions of your workforce being offline at the same time.
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