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Kate Pascale and Asscociates is a consultancy firm that specialises in building the capacity of the health and community services sector to help deliver quality, evidence based services.

eLearning Courses

Until recently, the world of professional development has focused on face to face learning. Now, that has all changed. Organisations are looking for ways to provide the best possible training for their staff in new ways … in this rapidly changing environment training needs to be flexible and accessible.
The health and community workforce are under pressure. Frontline staff, managers and organisations can all experience real challenges accessing quality, tailored training.

KPA eLearning modules

We’ve adapted what we’ve learned from training more than 40,000 people to create this series of eLearning courses. That means that you can now access our tried and tested training anywhere, anytime and study at your own pace.
Each course is broken down into bite sized chunks, with a combination of instructional videos, case studies and activities to help you put the learning into practice. You’ll also receive a comprehensive workbook which includes all of the materials you need to work through the course.
Benefits of eLearning:
  • Training is accessible anytime/anywhere – You can complete the courses on a PC, laptop or even a smartphone. All you need is an internet connection.
  • You can work at your own pace – the training is flexible so you can fit it in to your busy schedule.
  • You’ll have access to the course materials for 12 months, so you can dip back in and refresh your skills whenever you need to.
  • We’ve combined our years of experience delivering training with the expertise of a learning designer and programming team to create courses that are as engaging and practical as possible, regardless of your learning style.
  • eLearning is cost effective and often a more efficient alternative to face to face courses.

Our Courses

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