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Making GDCP meaningful – A refresher course

This is designed as a refresher course to help you rediscover the principles and processes involved in effective Goal Directed Care Planning (GDCP). We will focus on how to create meaningful GDCP and ensure they are useful for you and your clients.
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    What you are going to learn

    A few more words about this course

    This eLearning course is designed to support staff rediscover the principles and processes involved in effective Goal Directed Care Planning (GDCP). It focusses on how to create and use GDCP that are meaningful and useful.

    You will learn:

    • Effectively engage clients and carers in the GDCP process
    • Work with clients and carers to understand and identify meaningful goals
    • Document person centred care plans
    • Use GDCP to support and guide their ongoing work.

    Course structure & overview of key content

    Course reviews

    Looking at the examples really brought everything together for me. I could see all of my ‘bad habits’ in front of me, but what was even more useful was that I was given a clear pathway to do better
    Course Participant
    I loved the practical approach. Each concept was introduced clearly and then reinforced with a clear example or activity. That helped me see what I’m aiming for much more clearly than I’ve understood before
    Course Participant
    I’ve completed many courses with Kate and I always learn something new. This one was my favourite. It was all of the best bits of her GDCP training in one place – the perfect reminder to get us back on track
    Course Participant
    I really appreciated how the course focussed on application. There’s a touch of theory, but its all backed up by what we need to do everyday and how to make it simpler, faster and more helpful
     Course Participant
    The training was really well delivered and constructed. It will assist greatly when writing GDCPs in the future
    Course Participant
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