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Utilising the My Aged Care provider portal

This eLearning course focusses on how staff can utilise the My Aged Care service provider portal to streamline their work and enhance continuity of care for their clients.
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    What you are going to learn

    A few more words about this course

    • Service provider responsibilities
    • How to access and utilise relevant consumer information to guide your work
    • Utilising the Support Plan to create a service specific Goal Directed Care Plan (GDCP)
    • Reducing duplication and improve efficiency for clients, carers and staff
    • Sharing information via My Aged Care.

    You will learn:

    • The key elements of My Aged Care, it’s purpose and value
    • Service provider roles and responsibilities in utilising the My Aged Care service provider portal 
    • The different referral pathways into Australian aged care services 
    • Key tasks required to manage incoming referrals, navigate and utilise information within the My Aged Care service provider portal
    • How, when and where service providers are required to share information / update the client record / share information 
    • How staff can support older people (and their families, representatives and support people) to effectively engage with My Aged Care.

    Course structure & overview of key content

    Course reviews

    We’ve been meant to be using the portal for years, but I never knew what was expected of me. This course has been really useful and I’m much more confident to have a go now.
    Course Participant
    The training laid out all of the essentials to using the portal – the resources are fantastic too. I have everything I need now to use the portal.
    Course Participant
    The visuals and step by step nature of the course was perfect for me. I am really clear about what I need to do and why. Thanks!
    Course Participant
    The practical examples and instructions were invaluable. I also really liked that the focus was on the clients and how using the portal helps them.
     Course Participant
    I finally understand how My Aged Care works! This has helped me put it all into context and given me a clear understanding of what I need to do
    Course Participant
    This course sounded so boring. I’m not a fan of computers, but somehow Kate made it very interesting, engaging and informative. Each process was really clear – not just what to do but why. Absolutely wonderful.
    Course Participant
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